Quality policy

In the course of its activities, the Nusco Porte has always been known for having achieved the pursuit of excellence in products and services offered to its customers to meet their needs. The use of innovative techniques, the selection and training of personnel are the guidelines that have allowed the company to penetrate the market. In keeping with its tradition, the Nusco Porte intends to focus its attention on continuous improvement and the internal organization and the service that the customer perceives. the “monetary value” to the user, ie, the ratio between perceived value and cost of the product. The Directorate General of Nusco Porte, in order to make the corporate structure adhering to the Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9002, it with great determination and with all means necessary, the compliance of the system with the requirements of legislation, using the itself as an essential tool of business management.

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