Art Work line art in a door

Art Work line art in a door

Model: Ellisse – Color: Turtledove

Suggestions without boundaries characterize the new line ARTWORK. A journey into the mind by means of intersecting lines and go away , playing with the reflections of light in the living wood, with special effects kidnapped in sober and decided.

Art work is born from the desire to create an innovative product workmanship and elegant at the same time.

Panel processing is achieved by mechanical cutters that caress the panel subsequently subjected to lacquering by our team of experienced painters.

Artwork is all that impresses , excites , does talk about.

Artwork is the world we live in , the personality, is the expression of the 5 senses.

Art work is art in a door.

Matilde Durante
Design innovation manager Nusco S.p.A.

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