The reductions of 65% continue

The reductions of 65% continue

Good news for the market of windows in Italy: the deduction of 65% for energy improvements and 50% for renovations is extended to 31th December 2014.

This means that , in addition to thermal and acoustic benefits resulting from the replacement of windows , you can recover up to two thirds of the expenditure . An opportunity not to be missed for those who intend to proceed with the substitution of their old windows .

Since 2015, the deduction for energy efficiency will drop to 50% before settling permanently in 2016 , to 36%. For renovations from January 1st 2015, however, it will go to 40 %, up to 36% in 2016. On these aspects , however, can not be excluded news in the coming months.

The windows in wood, wood- aluminum and PVC Nusco provide access to the deduction of 65% thanks to the certifications and the thermal transmittance values ​​. Hard to choose between the enveloping warmth and naturalness of wood and wood aluminum cosmo68 and top performance guaranteed by windows in PVC.

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